‘nu-rave’ – The Scotsman
‘synthpop’ – The Times
‘electro’ – The Daily Telegraph

Hi I’m Amelia and I do musical comedy as ‘Amelia Bayler’ and I DJ and make pop music as ‘GYM CRUSH.’

Videos are below 🙂

Twitter: @ameliabayler
Instagram: ‘ameliabayler’

Gym Crush Instagram: ‘gym_crush_93’

Winner of Best Newcomer at the 2020 Scottish Comedy Awards.

‘Amelia’s been smashing it on the Scottish comedy scene with her trademark Emotional Bangers…her light-hearted tunes and casual delivery make for a great comedic pick-me-up.’ – The Skinny

‘Setting the tone had been snack food, nu-rave pioneer, belting out her absurdly silly songs about burgers, pizza and the bakery Greggs in big, bright costumes of said foodstuffs, filling the room with energy, the earwig quality of her tunes carrying her set.’ – The Scotsman (a review of ACMS at Monkey Barrel)

‘When one of their acts Amelia Bayler took to the stage to sing synth pop ditties about Wimpy restaurants and Dr. Oetker pizzas, well, you knew abnormality had been resumed.’ – The Times (a review of ACMS at Monkey Barrel)

‘Up-and-comer.’ – The List

‘Queen of gesticulations, queen of the millennial aesthetic, queen of the emotional gut punch, Amelia Bayler’s star is truly on the rise.’ – ScotsGay

‘Essentially a quirky mash-up of music and stand-up, which is infectiously funny.’ – The National Student

‘Rising star of the Scottish circuit.’ – The Skinny

‘It is a charming, anarchic, and often pizza-focused experience.’ – The Herald

‘The liberally tattood musical comic favours brightly popping colours, with an assortment of wigs and outfits.’ – The Scotsman

‘Behind the madness lies astute observations that are pertinent to our times.’ – The Glasgow Guardian

‘Multi-talented, sharp as a tack – one of Glasgow’s most versatile performers’ – Glasgow Live

Mentioned as part of the CHUNKS collective in The Guardian:
‘Chunks’ experiments are often the starting point for something bigger. Amelia Bayler regularly tries out comedy songs there that she later weaves into shows.’ – The Guardian

As seen on BBC Scotland’s The Comedy Underground, BBC Short Stuff, Channel 4 Sparks and BBC The Social. As featured in Vice and The Daily Record Online. Podcast about sobriety available on BBC Sounds.

I have previously written a fish and chips blog called OH MA COD and fronted and played guitar in a punk band called MISC. MEAT. Our song ‘Hot Sauce’ is on this sikk compilation https://fuzzkillrecords.bandcamp.com/album/now-666-volume-3.

Check out my radio shows on the DJ / Radio page! They have been on Subcity Radio and Clyde Built Radio.

I also have a podcast where I talk to performers about the clothes they wear! It’s called ‘Funny Looks.’ It’s available on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

I used to do a live stream on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/ameliabayler. It was called The Vibe Show.



Performing at Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh 25/11/21

‘Tupperware’ at Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh 25/11/21

Song about anxiety in lockdown called ‘I can’t do any of my coping mechanisms (mainly McDonald’s)’

‘Patisserie Valerie’ at Monkey Barrel in Edinburgh 25/11/21

Performing at The Stand in Glasgow 03/03/20

angsty banger (electro punk vibes) called Conflicting Desires from Paradise Palms

What’s The Vibe?! at Paradise Palms

Wimpy!Wimpy!Wimpy! at Paradise Palms

Tupperware at Paradise Palms

Addicted 2 Ice Cream

Paper Cave Anti Rave

Modern Values at The Stand in Glasgow

doing music at You Call That Radio

Part 1 at Drag-Opticon

Part 2 at Drag-Opticon

What’s The Vibe?! at Planet Caramel’s Disco at Monkey Barrel